Who is Holly Gilstrap?

Holly Gilstrap suffered a stroke over 4 years ago. The effects of the stroke have left her unable to move and her only form of communication is blinking.

What is the Holly Project?

First and foremost, this project was birthed out of love for Holly and the belief that her physical condition is not God’s will for her. In fact, we believe it is His will to completely restore her. This project is a fundraiser to benefit her and her family as we watch this miracle unfold.

On June 7th, 2017 the worship team at Holly’s church, Grace International Church in Willis, Texas, recorded a live worship album. The songs on this album were written for seemingly impossible situations such as this. Holly, her husband Kris and her mom Toni were all present at the recording. Holly was placed up front and center while the team surrounded her. By the end of the recording the presence of God was so beautifully thick that it ended in silence because no one wanted to move.

As mentioned above, the proceeds from the sale of this recording will go directly to Holly and her family. That is the fundraiser side of this project. There is another side, however. Holly’s church and worship team believe that Holly is a miracle in the making. We believe that the words and music were inspired by the Holy Spirit for what He wants to do in impossible situations such as Holly’s. We are excited to share the unfolding of this miracle with you. Holly is going to be made whole because God intends it so.

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